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The Art of Listening with Respect

Written by Debbie Boone, CVPM. Originally published on As a consultant I tend to join and participate in multiple veterinary management social media groups. Often, I read rants or questions from practice leaders sharing staff or client dilemmas. Many times, I read and admire the replies from the seasoned practice managers and think – what excellent insight! Other times I (and those seasoned managers) read the harsh “write ‘em up or “fire them!” responses and cringe. Why?  – Because these replies indicate that these managers would rather punish than listen. Humans by their very nature are self-centered and possessive
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The Caring Employee- A Description

  Originally published on I spend a lot of my speaking and training time working with managers and practice owners teaching them how to be a good leader. This is certainly important. It struck me that even with good leaders, veterinary practices end up with some less than stellar staff members. Some come from poor hiring with little preparation and unclear expectations. But others have all the pieces in place and still get they get duds. It is easy to blame the business. Maybe the training wasn’t up to par. Maybe the systems were nonexistent. But maybe some people
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