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Networking Your Way to a Dream Career

In Debbie’s video series, “The Bend”, she kicks things off poetically with a favorite quote of hers that inspired the series and this particular conversation with networking expert, David Pinkley.  The quote goes: “The end of the road is not the bend in the road unless you fail to make the curve.” How can YOU make that curve? How can networking further you in your career, or introduce you to new opportunities?  That’s where David Pinkley comes in. He’s an investor in people.  He has over 20 years of experience in helping people build amazing careers. His background includes credentials
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Do You Really Own Your Pet – And Could You Prove It?

By: Debbie Boone, BS, CVPM Yesterday, I was having a discussion with a friend who works for a pet microchipping company.  We were discussing some potential work when we veered off into the benefits and challenges of microchipping pets.  As a long time microchipping advocate, I have personally seen many reunions from a quick scan at our veterinary office or from the shelter.  I love a happy ending! But what happens when a person finds your pet and wants to keep it…Even if it is microchipped? Most of you would say, “Well, that is too bad, it’s my dog and
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