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From Small Town to Big Time Professional: Bridgett McGowen’s Story

In episode three of “The Bend”, Debbie has the opportunity to interview professional speaker, coach, and published author, Bridgett McGowen.  She’s an award winning professional speaker, and the owner of BMcTalks LLC.  Bridgett never had a definitive idea of her career choice as a child other than that she wanted to be a professional. The blue collar life wasn’t for her, and she knew she was drawn to a career where she could dress up a bit more and demonstrate a sense of poise and confidence. She knew she wanted to make a statement and not blend in. An air-conditioned
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Keeping it Personal Behind the Mask

  By: Debbie Boone, BS, CVPM –  Originally published on Weave. When mask wearing was added to the Covid-19 CDC guidelines, it didn’t bother me.  I have been in a profession that requires mask wearing for many procedures and I understand germs.   But, as a communication expert I knew we were going to lose something very important:   Our ability to read expressions.   Humans are naturally astute at reading the body language of other humans.  We observe subtle changes in lip positions, wrinkles around the eyes and even the cock of the head to attempt to figure out what those
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