The veterinary profession has given me so much joy and satisfaction in my 30+ years, I feel it is important to try to share my experience and knowledge so that in the future others can enjoy their “calling” as much as I have.

  • As a veterinary practice management consultant, you will frequently find my tips and suggestions on the list serves for the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association and the Western States Veterinary Conference discussion board.
  • I frequently offer tips on both my Facebook  and Twitter, sharing the latest management and career advice to my followers.
  • I am an advocate for team members who desire to grow and advance in their career. Over the years I have advised and mentored many young managers who have reached out for help. They are encouraged to join the VHMA and study from my recommended reading list and emails are exchanged with career advice.
  • As someone who managed AAHA accredited hospitals for 23+ years, I was thrilled to be asked to volunteer my time to AAHA on the LINC committee which helps select future members of the board.
  • I share my marketing expertise with VetPartners’ Digital Committee which helps create a user friendly experience for veterinary practice owners who are searching for a veterinary consultant among the VetPartners membership.

Debbie receiving her CVPM Pin at
VHMA Annual Meeting

  • I will be speaking free of charge at the NAVC Health and Wellbeing Center as an advocate for the professional wellbeing of veterinary teams.
  • As a Vet Partners member, I have volunteered to serve as the Chair for the Practice Management SIG.
  • I am very proud to say that because of my persistent urging and curriculum input, a Veterinary Practice Management Minor will be available to the Animal Science/PreVet students at North Carolina State University.  Hopefully, yet to come will be a 4-year Major which will develop trained veterinary practice managers to meet the needs of veterinary hospitals of the future.
  • You will find my donated chapters in “VetTeam Coach” a free book given to new veterinary team members all over the world to aid them in their career and in…
  • “Power Up Your Practice – Practical Advice from 25 Top Veterinary Practice Management Experts” sponsored by DVM 360 and CareCredit and given free to veterinary practice owners and managers
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