Mission Statements

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By: Debbie Boone, BS, CVPM

In this video, Debbie Boone discusses how to create a strong mission statement from the heart in order to better engage your team members. Stay tuned for more insightful practice tips from industry leaders every week.

Eliminating drama in your practice

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What is the Story of your Practice?  How to Create a Mission and Vision for your Hospital

We know we need to do it but how?  How long does it have to be?  Who needs to write it?  Is my Mission different from my Vision and why do I need both?

Without a target where do you aim?  You the owner or manager may know but do your team members?  Is it something they can get emotionally invested in?  It has to be to succeed in today’s market.   Step-by-step help to create the “great big hairy audacious goal” for your business.

 1 hour


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Leadership 101:  How to Be the Leader That Inspires Your Staff to Greatness

Much of Leadership can come from natural ability but much is also learned by trial and error, emulation of great leaders and studying outstanding leadership.   Since owners and managers are the “North Star” of how the team should act we must be aware of the example we set.   Learn what makes leaders great …what to do and what to avoid.  Be an inspiration to your staff and learn to lead like a champion.

1 hour


The Best Staff– Techniques to find the Best and the Brightest – Part 1

There is not an owner or manager who can honestly say they have never made a bad hire.  People look strong on paper, we like them on the telephone interview, we click with them in person and two weeks after we put them on payroll Dr. Jekyll becomes Mr. Hyde.   What went wrong?  Join Debbie’s support group, “AHA,” Awful Hires Anonymous and explore how to advertise, prescreen and prepare core competencies for the job in preparation to interview and discover the best of the best.

1 hour

The Best Staff: Finding, Interviewing & Background Checks – Part 2

In part 1 of this educational event the basics of creating a good job description, developing core competencies lists and how and where to place ads is addressed. In this section of the lecture we will discuss the actual interview process and the importance of good background screening to protect our practice from poor hires. You will be taught to ask questions that reveal a candidates true behavior and indicate how they will behave when they join your team.

1 hour

The Best Staff – Personality Matching – Part 3

Personality profiles are certainly not a new concept. The basic theory behind the four quadrants of DISC Personality Styles actually can be traced all the way back to 444 B.C.  However, when used in modern day employee screening we can better understand what location on our team is the best fit for a candidate.  Understanding personality profiles is a key to communication and can be a tool for eliminating poor fit and team drama. Learn how to use this knowledge to train for best results and comprehension and how to partner compatible team members for top productivity.

 1 hour

Payroll vs. People

Confusion reigns about how to pay staff.  How many staff should I have?  What do I do to keep them motivated?  How can I pay competitive wages and still keep a solid bottom line?  How do I get my team to give their “discretionary effort”?  This presentation offers a guide to creating pay grades, understanding benchmarks for staffing ratios, and how to motivate without money.

Manager and Owner focused: 1 hour

Compliance – How to Improve this Revenue Driver

All practices know that compliance to recommendations is a long-time problem.  Clients simply won’t do what we tell them they should for their pets.  Or will they?  The answer lies in your team and how they are trained to consistently reinforce your message.  During this class you will learn to create a standard protocol – and why you should – and to understand that training your team to “preach” your message is the key to compliance.  Students participate in role play.

Manager and Owner focused but all team will benefit: 1 hour

Embezzlement – Protecting your Practice from Fraud

No practice owner likes to think they have employees who steal, but the fact is that fraud is a common problem.  55% of the cash stolen in a hospital is taken by the front office team but other members are just as guilty.  Learn how to put practical systems in place to protect your hospital from embezzlement.  Trust, but verify!

Manager and Owner focused: 1 hour

Performance Reviews –How to do Effective Reviews

Performance reviews are a waste of time – if not done correctly.  Managers loath sitting in an office telling team members what they are doing wrong and team members automatically disbelieve the manager’s criticism.  This seems like an impasse.  But, when done correctly – giving good and honest feedback can help your staff grow to their best potential.  Learn techniques and timing on giving feedback.  Learn how to present bad reviews so they are effective and not shrugged off.  Strengthen your team and grow your practice with the right reviews.

Manager and Owners: 2 hours

Practice Wellness Testing – P & L Analysis

Few veterinarians would attempt to diagnosis a patient’s medical problem without the use of diagnostics, yet they as practice owners will fail to diagnose the health of their livelihood until death looms.  Profit and Loss statements are not the venue of accountants alone.  The P & L allows us to adjust our business and quickly make smart decisions on future plans.  They tell us when a new service is successful and when someone is stealing from us.  Keeping a strong bottom line allows owners to have a sellable asset when it is time to retire.  The day to start planning your exit is the day you purchase a practice and close monitoring of your P & L is vital to having a practice that everyone wants to buy.  Students get examples of good and bad P & L’s and are asked to play Shark Tank and “sell” the practice to me.

Managers and Owners: 1 hour

Communication Skills for the Veterinary Team

Effective communication by every member of the team is the key to patient health.  If you consider every mistake or upset client event that occurred in your hospital in the last several weeks you would have to agree that someone fell down in their communication.  It could be the client, the doctor or the team.  Better communication enhances patient care, decreases “drama” among staff and creates a culture that is positive.  The better our communication skills are the better our hospital.  Learn basic communication skills and learn to look forward to your job every day.

For the entire team: 1 hour

Communication Skills for the Veterinary ER and Specialty Team

Similar to the general practice class but focused on the unique circumstances that happen in ER and Referral hospitals.

Teaching Your Team to Take Charge-
Take Back Your TIME

Owners and managers tend to want to hold onto many responsibilities readily delegated to other staff members.  There is an art to transitioning these duties so that all can win.  Learn how to determine what tasks to delegate, how to follow-up appropriately and what to keep.

Owners, managers and other practice leaders: 1 Hour

Introduction to a Fear Free™ Practice

If you have been hearing a lot about Fear Free™ Certification but don’t know if it is right for you – this class has the answers.  Presented from the business and human resources perspective of Fear Freesm this class walks you through the process and the “why” Fear Free Certification is a valuable tool in your customer service toolbox.  Learn how Fear Free certification has helped with staff burn out and compassion fatigue and how it drives positive social media reviews.

For all staff: 1.5 hours with time for Q & A

Creating a WOW Customer Service Experience

Many times we don’t think of a hospital as being a place for hospitality but smart managers and owners know that clients can’t judge our medical skills – only how they and their pets were treated.  Great service experiences are few and far between for any of us these days.  Learning to give our clients a WOW experience will increase compliance, grow our revenue, make our practice more fun to work in and create a fan base that is a sales force for referrals.  Learn hospitality skills from someone certified in customer service who has trained more than 9000 students to give over the top care to their clients.

CSR focus but good for all team members: 1 hour

Creating your Online Pharmacy

Our industry is changing quickly and we must change with the times or fail to flourish.  Having an online pharmacy is one way to keep revenue in our hospital while still allowing clients to have the convenience of on line ordering.  Learn about the major players and how they work.  Discuss pricing structures and payment collection.  How to promote online orders – and should you?  Explore your options to keep your pharmacy business -and grow it.

Designed for Owners and Managers: 1 hour

Team – Let’s Talk TEETH

Regardless of what the quack on 20/20 has to say – good veterinarians understand that a healthy mouth equals a healthier patient.  But, this oral care conversation is not limited to the veterinarian – it must be the message of the entire team.  Often clients will rely on the advice of someone on the staff they have developed a relationship with rather than the doctor.  That team member can easily sway a client in the wrong direction if they are untrained or even unsure.

Learn how to teach clients about oral care in simple teams they can understand.  See how “show and tell” is most effective when


Debbie and Co-author
Wendy Hauser, DVM

paired with revealing to clients the answer to the “what is in it for them” aspect of oral care.

It’s not about “do you want fries?” it’s about “do you want HEALTH?”

Designed for managers, technical team members and front office representatives: 1 hour

How to Build a Preventive Care Plan from the Foundation to the Roof

Workshop (with Dr. Wendy Hauser) …based on 4 years of research into wellness plans and their successes and failures.  This 4-hour workshop walks you through the process of building, branding, promoting and profiting from monthly paid wellness plans.  Based on the book “The Veterinarians Guide to Healthy Pet Plans” written by Debbie Boone, BS, CCS, CVPM and Wendy Hauser, DVM.

4 hour workshop for Owners and Managers

Professionalism in a Fish Bowl – How to Properly Comport Your Self in the Public Eye

Sometimes it is difficult to remember that at any moment someone is watching us  – our expression, listening to our words, our tone , not to mention our attitude towards our patients, our clients and each other.  In an age where good manners and professionalism seem to be disappearing how can teams know what is appropriate?  Where are the models of proper behavior?  This session teaches how to present yourself well and gain respect while being “on stage”.

Curtailing Run Away Conversations

We all have been trapped by the long winded or over sharing client.  It takes grace and finesse to artfully escape without creating hard feelings.  This session reveals some helpful tools to better understand the personality of these chatty clients and how to best “slip away”.

It’s Not Always About the Money

This is the most common excuse clients give for refusing services but rarely is it the only reason.  This presentation explores the reasons clients really say “no” and offers tools and tips to overcome this common issue.

Teams and Leadership: 1 hour

The Fear Free sm Human

The tool, tips and techniques utilized in learning to be Fear Freesm for our patients can also help us understand and help our clients.  This one hour discussion teaches veterinary teams how to look for signs of Fear, Anxiety and Stress in pet owners and what they can do to make the client experience better…along with the patient experience.

Teams and Leadership: 1 hour

Is it Time to Say Goodbye? – Making Wise Career Moves

There is comfort in familiarity but being comfortable can seriously shortchange your future.  How do you know it is time to make the bold move?  Whether it is to becoming a practice owner, a move to management or a change of location what are the steps to stepping up?  Learn to explore your strengths, read the signals that you are stagnating and learn the tools you need to be successful in your next leap into the future.

For All Staff: 1 hour