Communication Skills for the Veterinary Team - Creating WOW
May 7, 2017

Thank you for an awesome presentation Monday night.  I had lots of take-aways and our team members had great feedback too!  Especially the team leaders as they don’t get a lot of opportunities like that.  Yesterday I called our Algonquin location and the CSR team leader, Kelly answered the phone.  Her phone etiquette was the best I’ve ever heard!!!  You could tell she was smiling, the inflection in her voice was perfect…I was in awe!  I said, “wow, you sound like a happy person and I want to come to your practice; nice job!”  She said, “I’m glad you like it.  I’m being like Mayberry.”   Then Kelly went on, raving about how much she liked you and what you had to say!  I’m sure she rubbed off on the entire team and I bet every client at Algonquin yesterday felt like they entered the most spectacular animal hospital! 

I get all excited when our team members use action items, especially so quickly.  I’m sure that’s a manager thing…we get all giddy when our staff learns, puts items into action and teaches everyone else to do the same.  At least for me; our people are my favorite part of my job and I love it when they love what they do.  It sure makes work fun.

It was a pleasure to meet you and hear you speak.  I hope I get the opportunity again!  I’ll be sharing that delegation topic and all of your topics with the Chicago Veterinary Managers Group board and looking into having you come speak to us next year at our annual Continuing Education event. 

Thank you again!