When veterinary practice owners look for a practice management consultant it is typically because of stress from a business or team problem. A veterinary practice owner once revealed that she was so nervous when her veterinary consultant came to visit that she would have an anxiety attack.  Your consultant should not add to your stress but instead help to relieve it.  It is natural that a consultation be a little daunting but it should certainly be an exciting and positive experience for the owner and the team.

laughingAt Debbie Boone- 2 Manage Vets Consulting, LLC our practice consultation style is designed to be inspiring, enlightening, challenging and fun. Debbie is knowledgeable without being stuffy, meets staff on their level yet understands the complexity of business and relates to practice owners as a small business owner.  Her 23 years facing clients, managing staff and developing operations for multiple types of veterinary hospitals gives her an extensive base of real world experiences to bring to the table.

Veterinary teams work in the greatest profession in the world and they should enjoy their work while simultaneously maintaining balance in their life.  Solid practice management tools partnered with advanced communication and leadership skills enable veterinary practice owners to have this stability.

Our clients get lots of personal attention with a consultation focused on their issues.  For Debbie, it is all about the relationship we build with owners and their staff that creates a great partnership between practice and consultant.  When asked why staff members enjoy working with Debbie the answer is “she is REAL and has lived in our shoes…she knows our daily challenges and brings us solutions we can use.”  After all the “2” in 2 Manage Vets stands for the partnership between owner and consultant working together to create the perfect practice.


How it works:


Strategic Transformation

Three days of onsite visit begins the full year of training, planning and coaching for your veterinary practice team. During this visit the practice is evaluated utilizing an extensive checklist.  Financial data will be evaluated.  Time is allocated for owners, associate veterinarians, practice managers, technicians, assistants and customer service representatives to discuss their challenges with the consultant.  Key areas will be highlighted for immediate action and team duties assigned.  Mandatory meetings are planned to kick start the process of making changes and getting all staff on the same page.  Your consultant will shadow the staff through the cycle of service – phones, lobby, exam room and checkout and make observations to improve both client and patient experience.  Fee schedules are requested along with payroll data and profit and loss statements.  This data is reviewed and benchmarked against industry standards.

A full report is submitted which contains long range plans to meet owner’s goals, tools to help with implementation, training for owners and the staff, helpful forms and recommended reading.

To maintain momentum, quarterly return visits are scheduled and team development training along with goals and assigned tasks are reviewed.  Mandatory team meetings are held to continue the training and gain staff feedback.  Monthly scheduled phone calls are included to support the strategic plan and maintain accountability.  Financial data is reviewed. The entire staff has email and phone call access to their consultant.

The goal is to develop leaders, set systems in place and develop good customer service and patient care habits that improve the practice experience for the client, patient, team and owners. When the team is excited, trained and motivated the practice moves forward rapidly.


Mini Consultations:

Brief on-site visits where the practice team is observed, systems are reviewed and improvements suggested.  Managers obtain one-on-one coaching by Debbie, a CVPM who understands the challenges of their job. Owners can explore implementing desired changes with input from a practice management consultant with over 30 years of veterinary management experience.  One hour is planned for a team training class and a brief report of findings is sent containing resources, tools or recommended reading to help the team meet their goals.  The rate is set for ½ day or 1 day plus travel expenses.


Phone Call Consultations:

Sometimes practice owners or their managers need an outside perspective on a problem, advice on strategic plan, a career move or a Human Resources issue.  Schedule a call to “ask the expert” and talk through the problem.  Fee is hourly.  ½ hour minimum.


consult_coachingTraining Classes:

In-hospital classes focused on Customer Service, Inventory management, Communication skills, Compliance improvement and Team Culture.  These sessions are often utilized by sales representatives to bring value added services to their customers.  Typically set as lunch or dinner sessions.  Debbie is on the Approved Speakers list for most major animal health companies.  Fee is hourly plus travel expenses.


Remote Training Classes: 

Often travel to the practice is not practical so the ability to give remote live classes is available.  All the sessions listed above are available through utilization of technology and a plan.  You will need internet access, speakers and a screen with projector to see the slides.  Fee is hourly.


Veterinarians and their teams are the best people.  I am always humbled and proud when my clients or my students feel their time with me was valuable and changed their lives for the better.

– Debbie Boone