With over 35 years of experience in veterinary practice management, Debbie really is the keeper of all the very best advice. She wants to share that advice with you, and make sure you’re completely comfortable with her throughout the process. 

The communication skills you’ll learn from Debbie will really shine through in the consultation process. Here’s what some clients had to say:

“I had lots of take-aways and our team members had great feedback too!  Especially the team leaders as they don’t get a lot of opportunities like that.  Yesterday I called our Algonquin location and the CSR team leader, Kelly answered the phone.  Her phone etiquette was the best I’ve ever heard!!!  You could tell she was smiling, the inflection in her voice was perfect…I was in awe!  I said, “wow, you sound like a happy person and I want to come to your practice; nice job!”  She said, “I’m glad you like it.  I’m being like Mayberry.” Then Kelly went on, raving about how much she liked you and what you had to say!  I’m sure she rubbed off on the entire team and I bet every client at Algonquin yesterday felt like they entered the most spectacular animal hospital!

I get all excited when our team members use action items, especially so quickly.  I’m sure that’s a manager thing…we get all giddy when our staff learns, puts items into action and teaches everyone else to do the same.  At least for me; our people are my favorite part of my job and I love it when they love what they do.  It sure makes work fun.”

Dena Chiddister
Practice Manager Dundee Animal Hospital
East Dundee, IL

“I turned to Debbie for help when all my own efforts at marketing and growing my practice failed. Her expertise and the changes she helped me institute have led to tremendous growth of my practice. She helped me expand my exposure to potential clients and keep existing clients. I continue to generate new clients all the time! Debbie’s help was invaluable!”

Scott A. Tidwell, DVM, Diplomate ACVR
Owner Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging & Teleradiology
Mooresville, NC

“Debbie Boone has been an enormous help to us during the process of researching, developing and launching our veterinary payment management business, VetBilling.

Debbie was one of the first consultants to whom I reached out in the earliest stages of developing our business model.  At the time, I wasn’t even sure of the right questions to ask in order to refine the concept and ensure that we would be solving a real problem, and meeting a real need.

I knew our business had the infrastructure and the expertise to offer a viable alternative payment solution for pet owners and veterinarians – but what I needed and wanted to learn was how we could adapt these strengths to meet the needs of veterinary practices.

I called Debbie out of the blue after doing a web search on veterinary consultants.  She was one of the only consultants I contacted in those early days who actually took my call without knowing who I was or what I wanted!

Debbie was immediately responsive, warm, and generous with her time.  She answered all my questions, and made me feel as if I was the only person she had to talk to that day.

Debbie really helped me understand the veterinary practice manager’s perspective on managing costs and receivables .  She clearly explained to me what the typical obstacles are in extending in-house credit, and explained to me what practices were likely to be looking for to assist them in effectively addressing the problem of clients with financial limitations.

Since that time, I’ve reached out to Debbie on numerous occasions for all kinds of things.  She is someone I turn to when I need to run an idea past a veterinary expert, and has even helped me compose emails to make sure I am communicating effectively with our clients.

One of the things that is most important to me is this:  Debbie always takes my calls.  She is accessible at a time when personal access is becoming increasingly scarce.

Debbie is literally a fount of knowledge when it comes to the veterinary profession.  She is articulate, a wonderful teacher, a compassionate and helpful guide, and she has years of experience under her belt which makes her an excellent resource.

She is a delight to work with and I’m happy to say that I consider her a friend.  And that is the ideal combination to look for when partnering with a consultant.”

Suzanne Cannon, Co-Founder
VetBilling (a division of Electronic Billing & Customer Support)

“Deb Boone has been a pleasure to work with and her services have enabled our veterinary team to realize our unseen potential, use our unrecognized resources and envision our enriched future.

Deb is a font of professional resources including financial and pricing recommendations, personnel hiring techniques, organizational planning and more.

With her multitude of professional connections throughout the United States, she has enabled us to use her for a professional sounding board as we proceed forward with our plans to build a new veterinary hospital.”

Dr. Janice Mallory, Owner
Rensselaer Pet Care


I wanted to thank you for your time today. You did a great job and I feel like we gleamed several good ideas we are going to try to implement. I have never had the desire to be the BEST clinic but to be the BEST that we can be. I feel like you definitely added VALUE to what we can offer our clients and their fur babies. BLESSINGS.”

Dr. Jules Crawford, Owner
Dalton Animal Care

I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how much I enjoyed meeting you and attending your class. I would have loved to have spent more time hearing your stories and asking questions. Your experience and insights are amazing.

The staff that I sent to the class also enjoyed it immensely. We will be having a meeting to discuss our top 5 items we would like to work on and how we can continue to improve our customer service. You definitely got them motivated and I want to strike while the iron is hot, especially during some many changes at our hospital.

Thank you again for making the class so enjoyable and inspiring.

Best regards,”

Jules Moss, Hospital Administrator
North Mecklenburg Animal Hospital, NC

“I look forward to your email and you really helped me. I have been practicing 34 years and cannot remember being so excited about how I can change this practice. My daughter is interested in pursuing a career like yours and I told her our practice can be her wet lab and Webster U is a good place for her to start according to you.”

Paul Clemens, DVM, Owner
Auburn Veterinary Hospital, Ohio

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again for coming to Texas for the Webster University.  Amy and I are excited to incorporate ideas gathered at the seminar to our clinic.  Please keep me in mind if you are ever in the East Texas area conducting any other classes. I will be in the front row when you come!

With Appreciation,”

Mary Jenkins
Gilmer Animal Clinic 

“I attended your Webster Receptionist lecture in Tampa on July 26th. It was fantastic! Not only did you thoroughly address real world topics like client perception of value, but you gave us specific solutions and tools we can use every day. I am fairly new to the industry and desperately needed to hear what you had to say. Your binder will be my bible for the next few months and until the practice has committed it to memory. My only regret is not having had the opportunity to attend the lecture sooner.

Thank you so much!”

Jennifer Wilson
Carter Animal Hospital 

“I have attended Debbie’s wonderful presentations at a national veterinary conference before, and I have found her wisdom and practicality on her presentation topics to be very educational and informative. Her knowledge of the veterinary industry from a business management perspective is very “cutting edge”, and will help any and all Veterinary Health Care TEAM members not only to improve their “people skills” to increase their value in their practices, but also to learn new skills that will allow them to apply the fundamentals on how to successfully lead a veterinary practice as an excellent practice manager.”

Dr. Jim Hurrell
Director, Veterinary Academy at Penn Foster
B.S., Michigan State University 
D.V.M., College of Veterinary Medicine, Michigan State University

“Debbie is a wonderful speaker. Very Inspirational. I would love to take her back to our clinic and show how this can be put into play and have a positive effect on our clinic. I am so energized and I have been in management for a long time. Thank you!”

Brandy Jackson, Attendee
Patterson Veterinary University 

“Since attending Patterson Veterinary University Communication and Customer Service class, I have used many of the tips you shared.  The one I’ve had the greatest amount of success with is when you challenged the attendees to “Make Someone’s Day”!! As a Territory Manager, I call on many hospitals every day. I’ve given so many examples to my hospitals on how they can make a client’s day and the responses I’ve received have been awesome.  I’m on a mission to help the practices I call on to truly embrace the “exceptional client experience” attitude, and it seems to be working (which is truly humbling).”

Joseph Cucinella, Territory Manager
Patterson Veterinary Supply